iptv channels
iptv channels

How to set Iptv channels in android box?

Do I have all Iptv channels in my android box if I buy prime iptv subscription?

Many online Iptv providers do offer good subscriptions where there are many iptv channels at good prices. Some of these iptv providers do not offer sports iptv channels or does not offer the latest videos on demand. Why is that happening? Because iptv online is a very complex technology and not every company has the possibility to really offer iptv channels for unlimited time.
That is why, always thinking about the comfort of users, Primeiptv.co.uk was created!  

Compatible Devices For Iptv Channels 

You can watch worldwide iptv channels with a simple subscription and with different devices such as Android box, Firestick iptv, Mag device or even with you smartphone or laptop through simple iptv online m3u links. 

Iptv channels are offered to you with a very large number of videos on demand and adult channels using internet technology to offer “on-demand” programs.

With IPTV online, we eliminate the conventionality of waiting for our favorite programs through the signal in an antenna or common television subscription. With the the option offered by prime iptv , programs are transmitted live and you only need to have a internet connection in order to watch any iptv channel without experiencing buffering or freezing. 

IPTV Subscription will allow iptv cgannels to be broadcasted continuously in any device you want, but today we are talking only about Android box as a good way to have almost immediately iptv online at your home! We have choosen android box for as one of the best technologies to install iptv online and for the effectiveness of the service but we do not forget the importance of the internet connection as Iptv service is very dependent on that. 

So if you have already bought an iptv subscription, you must know what devices this service is compatible with and  feel luck as this service is available for many operating systems such as:

  • Android BOX
  • Smart TV
  • Smartphone
  • Apple devices
  • M3U link system
  • Mag/Enigma


If you choose to buy an android box you have probably made one of the best choices as these are very good performing devices with which you can easily watch all iptv channels and all vods that iptv providers are offering.

If you have a smartphone with an Android operating system, you can directly watch iptv channels through an iptv app so you directly download and Iptv application and start enjoying your iptv subscription!

You can watch worldwide iptv channels with a simple subscription and with different devices. such as which means Internet Protocol Television in English. This innovation is designed to solve that problem you have, using internet technology to offer “on-demand” programs.

Steps To Configure Iptv Channels On Your Android

  1. You must first download an iptv app from Google Store; in this case we recommend 7 different apps but you are free to use what you want.
  2. Then you must add iptv subscription details such as username, password and server address: 
  3. There are free online IPTV tests on the network, but they are of low quality; for that reason, they are called tests because the service is very limited and you do not really get a good idea of the service you will have in 15 days or 1 month. Ideally, you should buy a full service with a considerable number of channels, including several HD channels and that is what we call a real test!
  4. After adding the details wait for the iptv channels to be loaded on the app.


It is very important to have a top quality IPTV app as we have seen many apps are not so simple to use and moreover they are responsible to lower the servers signal. We have seen many complaints about freeze or buffering even with a very high speed connection and after a very deep and long research we understood that apps can lower the quality off sound and image. 

So to resume, when using IPTV, the main thing is to have a good internet connection, with considerable speed, and that the connection remains stable. It is important to have a good technology such as android box  and finally a good iptv provider such as primeiptv.co.uk that offers so many iptv channels and many Vod’s. The IPTV online is the future of Tv technology and we all should embrace it as soon as possible.

Registering an IPTV account is fortunately very easy task and we do offer that. You just have to enter your email, then select the type of device and thus wait for a confirmation code to arrive to proceed to the login.

If you do not know the service well and it is your first time, you can buy a 1 month subscription in order to familiarize yourself with this fabulous tool, and then you can purchase a full year subscription.

IPTV Subscription: Advantages

With this subscription option, you can enjoy all kinds of programming, movies, and everything that has to do with the world of entertainment in general. Through the playlist, you can order your favorite programs and watch them as many times as you want. Nothing has ever been so simple and practical, since you will never miss a thing.

IPTV providers in the world assure that this tool is changing the way of watching television, and soon cable subscriptions will be a thing of the past. More than 60 countries corroborate the magnificent of having the IPTV service.

This Internet Protocol Television system has become even more famous and better than cable television. And it is that with a good internet connection everything is possible, it can even be cheaper.

When we separate the cable television service from the internet service, we must cancel both separately; in this case, when using IPTV, you will have two services in one. But you must bear in mind that a good, stable, and constant internet connection is essential for everything to work optimally.

Many assure that this will evolve into a much better protocol than cable television, and due to its bandwidth, it allows the viewing of more channels. With a correct service iptv provider, you can have access to more than 8000 channels. So far, no cable subscriber has this option.

You will not have problems with uncomfortable ads, since the provider is directly linked to the internet service, but this can be customized. With IPTV, you can eliminate those annoying ads that interrupt the programming of your preference.

Can This IPTV Technology Eliminate Cable Television?

The commotion that this issue has caused in technology and its proximity to dismantle cable television from the panorama, the advantages, and disadvantages of this service are studied, taking into account as advantages that:

  1. Packets do not need to bear any mark indicating how they are to be treated; the information is held by routers.
  2. Routers do not need to retain state information.

At the same time, when speaking of disadvantages, we can point out that:

  1. It is required to maintain status information about each communication on all routers and a signaling protocol to inform the routers and make the reservation throughout the journey.
  2. Packages must be marked with the corresponding priority. The guarantee is based on statistical factors and is less secure than the resource pool. This is guaranteeing the quality of the service and ensuring its durability over time.

Spain has been one of the first countries in the world to offer the IPTV service. And remember that the Movistar telephone company began offering this service since 2000, and in its first broadcasts it won thousands and thousands of users with the name of Movistar, competing with high-end cable television as Directv.

Iptv online In The Future

This variant of cable television promises to be the great revolution, despite requiring an important technological infrastructure that not all countries have. But even so many have already entered this world, and it has been well received in every way.

Despite being dismissed by many operators, IPTV continues to emerge as one of the most innovative alternatives in the new technological era. We know that many more updates are coming, so we will continue hearing about it. Let us remember that technology does not stop, and more and more spaces are opening to consolidate infrastructure as best as possible.

Reserving the best for last always, IPTV guarantees that you have high-quality images according to the bandwidth you have. That’s not to mention the number of channels available, even if you don’t use the service all the time, bandwidth is reserved.

IPTV is fashion technology, and you cannot stop trying it. List television is monopolizing the market and promises to grow much more; we can only hope for all the good that this new technological era will bring.

What does the service have?

The service has more than 8,000 channels and the availability of more than 5,000 VODs. Also Primeiptv.co.uk offers very high quality experience when we talk about customer care. If you have any issue we will be there in order to resolve everything as soon as possible. Sometimes some channels will be removed and some channels will be added but this is how this industry works and we have to cope with it!

So how To Subscribe?

To buy iptv you can check the Primeiptv.co.uk subscriptions plans. Here is an idea of the plans prices:

  • 1 Month: 5,9 £
  • 3 Months: 12.9 £
  • 6 Months: 23.9 £
  • 12 Months only for 34.9 £

More than 8000+ Channels & 5000+ VODs and continuous updates. Most of the channels are in full HD and many others in 4K